M16C/6N CAN/LIN Gateway Product Information

CLG2logo S810-CLG2
[M16C/6N CAN/LIN Gateway], a simple solution for evaluating your CAN and LIN communications has just been released.


[M16C/6N CAN/LIN Gateway] is an evaluation package for CAN and LIN communications, including items such as CAN/LIN Gateway board, compiler debugger, and LIN evaluation program.



Ideal for evaluating CAN communication and LIN communication

  • CAN transceiver and LIN driver are mounted, which makes this product ideal for creating and evaluating CAN evaluation system or LIN master evaluation system.

    Complete Hardware

  • Renesas Technology’s Built-in Flash Memory Microcomputer [M16C/6N4(M306N4FGTFP)] is packaged.
    With the included flash memory programming software (Flash Starter, manufactured by Renesas Technology), you can operate your program by programming it into the built-in flash memory of M16C/6N4 on the CAN/LIN gateway board.
  • The mounted ISO11898 compliant CAN transceiver (PHILIPS’ PCA82C250T) enables the connection from CAN connecting terminal to the CAN bus.
  • LIN driver is mounted which enables the connection between LIN connecting terminal and the LIN bus.
  • 8-bit multi-purpose dip switch, multi-purpose LED x 8, and INT interrupter switches x 2 are mounted.
  • Using its expansion port area and multi-purpose universal area, you can design and construct your own circuit.

    Excellent Program Developing Environment

  • Included in the product package are software tools such as C-compiler/assembler (Renesas Technology’s NC30WA Entry Version), remote debugger (Renesas Technology’s KD30), and flash memory programming software, which enables you to develop application programs and start debugging upon receiving the product.
  • With the flash memory programming software (Renesas Technology’s Flash Starter), you can operate your program through programming it to the M16C/6N4 built-in flash memory on the CAN/LIN gateway board.

    Combination with the S810-LSB2 enables easy LIN communications demonstrations!

  • LIN demonstration system can be built easily with the attached LIN evaluation program by connecting CAN/LIN gateway board [S810-CLG2] and one or more LIN slave board(s) [S810-LSB2] that is(are) sold separately.
    * [S810-LSB2] LIN slave board shown at the bottom of the picture below is not included in the package.



  • Product Model: S810-CLG2
  • PC I/F: RS-232C
  • CAN/LIN Gateway board power source: DC 12V
  • Main components: CAN/LIN Gateway board, PC connecting cable, DC input cable, Compiler, Debugger, Software for flash programming, Evaluation program supporting LIN slave board [S810-LSB2], Instruction manual


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    This product is sold only in Japan, and orders and inquiries from overseas customers are not accepted.