CAN Tools

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial transmissions protocol internationally standardized by ISO, and has been used in the automobile industry to develop a variety of electronic control systems to provide higher levels of safety and comfort while involving less pollution and lower cost. These control systems are often made up of multiple bus lines per system, creating problems when it comes to adding wire harnesses due to the added weight and cost. For this reason, the German electronics manufacturer Bosch developed CAN as a transmissions protocol for automobiles with the two goals of reducing wire harnesses and transmitting high volumes of data at high speeds using multiple LANs. CAN has been standardized at ISO 11898 and ISO 11519 and is currently the standard European protocol for automobile LANs. It is also starting to be used more widely in factory automation and production machinery thanks to its high performance and reliability.

We introduce Renesas Technology’s CAN microcomputer-compatible device option tools and software utilities as a CAN development tool.

Development Tool

We provide CAN system development tools compatible with the Renesas Technology’s CAN microcomputer in order to improve efficiency in development and debugging.


Hardware products CAN Flash Microcomputer Programmer [S810-CFW1]
M16C/6N CAN/LIN Gateway [S810-CLG2]


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