LIN Tools

What is LIN (Local Interconnect Network)?

LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a serial transmissions protocol promoted by European carmakers and other companies (Audi AG, BMW AG, Daimler Chrysler AG, Motorola Inc., Volcano Communications Technologies AG, Volkswagen AG, Volvo Car Corporation) with the goal of reducing the cost of in-vehicle networks.

Development Tools

If you would like information on the concept of our LIN development tools, please refer to the LIN Tool Concept.

Hardware product LIN Analyzer [S810-LAS]
M16/6N CAN/LIN Gateway [S810-CLG2]
LIN Slave Board [S810-LSB2]
Software product LIN Configuration Tool [S810-LCT1]
LIN Master Library for M16C/6N [S810-LMLib6NII]
LIN Master Library for M16C/1N [S810-LMLib1N]
LIN Master Library for M32C/83 [S810-LMLib83]
LIN Slave Library for M37540 [S810-LSLib7540]
LIN Slave Library for M16C/62 [S810-LSLib62]

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